Menosan is herbal medicine for treating the difficult symptoms of menopause.

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Drug Uses

Menosan is very beneficial in the treatment of the discomfort and unpleasant symptoms, linked with menopause and it functions by relieving indications of menopausal syndrome.


Following the dosage directions of your doctor is the most dependable way to use any medication. If you are doubtful or do not remember the directions then you may read the medicine label for more detailed information. You are recommended to take it before dinner.

Missed Dose

Do not miss any dose. In case you missed a single dose make it up within the time frame allotted to that dose and wait for 4 to 5 hours to consume the following dose. If you cannot leave the time gap it is better to leave that particular dose and continue with the next. Never make up a missed dose with an extra dose.


Menosan should be stored at room temperature. never expose to direct sunlight, moisture, or heat. Set it off from pet animals and children.
If you are allergic or have hypertension, do not use Menosan.
If you are carrying or are conceiving to have a child soon, then consult your doctor before consuming Menosan.
If you are a nursing mother ask your doctor if it is safe for you and your child.