KamaSutra SuperThin Condoms

KamaSutra SuperThin Condoms are unusually thin, most spacious condoms available with a silky smooth lubricant that is precise to stimulate and intensify the sexual intercourse.

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KamaSutra SuperThin Condoms
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Reading the label before the usage is recommended. Giving a 1/2 inch of space at the top, press the tip of the condom, and keep it on to the penis. The roll should recline on the outside of the condom. Expose the condom all the way to the base of the penis. Take care to not permit any air bubble. While taking off please take it from the base, so that seamen do not drip from it. Discard it properly after use.


Use KamaSutra SuperThin Condoms for real feel and as birth control.


KamaSutra SuperThin Condoms should be stored away from heat, light, and moisture at room temperature without the reach of kids and pets.
If you think or you are sure that you are allergic to KamaSutra SuperThin Condoms or its material. Do not use the product.